George Soros Makes Huge Impact With Charitable Efforts.

The Open Society Foundations is one of the most prolific charities to ever exist. Founded in the ’70s by George Soros, a noted billionaire hedge fund manager, the OSF has gone on to spread finances to grassroots foundations throughout the worlds. Over the years, the Open Society Foundations has helped to bring humanitarian aid to just about every country on the planet. Now, George Soros is doubling down in his efforts to help the OSF bloom. It was recently reported that George Soros had shifted the vast amount of his wealth to the foundation, donating over $18 billion in the last two years. Why is George Soros moving so much of his money to charity? What will the Open Society Foundations manage to do with these huge contributions? Let’s dig in.

The decision to shift $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations was one that George Soros likely had no problem making. Soros has spent his entire life, and his career, focusing on expanding on works of Karl Popper. Popper wrote about the Open Society and how important it was for people to connect on a human level. The OSF was made with Popper’s words in mind and Soros never shied away from that mission statement. In fact, Soros says of his decision to donate his wealth to charity, “In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.”

Unfortunately, no great story gets through the media cycle without being thoroughly brutalized by partisanship. Right wing media giants were quick to take aim at Soros’ philanthropy, as they so often do, but this time even their hyperbole was hard to reconcile. Some called Soros’ decision to donate akin to the decision to craft his own liberal ‘Death Star’ while others figured it was just another effort on Soros’ part to craft a way to undermine the burgeoning Trump administration. Unfortunately, this kind of philanthropic demonization has become more and more rampant in recent years. Progressives are routinely lambasted by their conservative counterparts over every action, even donating untold fortune to help those less fortunate.

George Soros is a progressive icon and he has become more and more important in recent years, and not just for his philanthropy. Soros has risen up as one of the solitary figures to lead the charge against President Donald Trump’s inflammatory and dangerous regime. Soros has, in many ways, always been one of the first voices into the fray. Soros came to popularity in the early ’00s as a progressive icon thanks to his efforts in combatting George W. Bush and the march to war in Iraq.

Still, with partisanship mentioned, we can move on to the work that the Open Society Foundations is going to be able to perform. The Open Society Foundations has helped people in every corner of the country by way of their grant program and with this massive infusion of money, they’ll be able to continue doing so. Last year, the Open Society Foundations spent around $1 billion in operating causes – we can only imagine how much $18 billion can help.

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