Jason Hope Supports Antiaging biotechnology

The future is made by individuals who are willing to take a chance and invest in the creation of new technologies that are not exactly accepted by mainstream medical science. One individual who fits this definition is an entrepreneur from the Arizona Scottsdale region. This man goes by the name of Jason hope. Jason originally went to Arizona State University. It was at Arizona State University that Jason hope was able to complete the requirements in order to graduate with his undergraduate degree in finance. After completing his undergraduate education, Jason hope decided to continue pursuing higher education and completed the requirements for his graduate degree. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward.

He was able to graduate from Arizona State University with an MBA. After completing his graduate education, he decided to become an entrepreneur and launched his own company. This company operated in the technology industry and became a leader in the mobile communications industry. Once he was the successful leader of a large mobile communications company, Jason hope decided to turn his vision towards the future and is now considered one of the most preeminent entrepreneurs and futurists in the Arizona Scottsdale region.

In an effort to help spur the development of anti-aging medical technology Jason hope has recently donated a significant sum of money to an organization known as the scientifically engineered negligible senescence research foundation. This foundation is led by an individual who goes by the name of Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey de Grey is the organization’s chief science officer. The organization he used the donation in order to construct a new laboratory at Cambridge. The Cambridge laboratory has recently released some breakthroughs in their understanding of metabolic byproducts that build up in the human body over time. These byproducts are a result of the process of glycation. There referred to as advanced glycation end products. Advanced glycation end products build up in tissues throughout your body as you age. These metabolic products cause the tissues to lose their elasticity over time. This loss of elasticity can lead to a number of negative health effects such as the hardening of arteries. This new breakthrough in the understanding of advanced glycation end products will help individuals hopefully to take a medication that will reduce and even eliminate the buildup of these advanced glycation end products from the tissues entirely. This will in effect help to rejuvenate human tissues and can potentially completely reverse the aging process that has occurred.

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