OSI Food Solutions expand production plant

OSI Group, LLC is a leading food processing company in the world. It was established in 1909 as a butcher shop by a German immigrant. Since then, the company has been growing rapidly. It is expansion inside the United States and outside has been remarkable. It is even now ranked among the 100 biggest private companies in the United States. The company is led by a great entrepreneur who holds the goals of the firm close to their hearts. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the company while David McDonald is the president and the Chief Operating Officer. The two have been critical for the growth of the company. Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975.

OSI Food Solutions in Toledo Spain has increased its production of chicken products. The company is now producing double of what it was producing in the past. Chicken products production has gone up from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. The recent expansion is also expected to increase the job opportunities in the plant from 140 to 160. There is even creation of a new position of the product development manager.

OSI Food Solutions will take the production of all products in the plant to 45,000 tons annually. It is also producing pork and beef products. The expansion has also resulted in an increase in space for various department. The storage, service delivery, production, delivery sections have all benefited. There has also been the creation of test kitchen which will be used to create and test new products. OSI buys former Tyson Foods plant on South Side for $7.4M.

OSI Food Solutions has added 22.600 square feet in anticipation of higher demand for chicken products. Data in possession of the company shows that there is a gradual increase of consumption of chicken products in Portugal and Spain. The growth is expected to go on and therefore the company is just preparing for the increase which is expected to hit the market.

OSI Group has in recent years been expanding its business to various locations, especially in Europe. Apart from expansion of the OSI Food Solutions in Spain, the company has acquired new companies in Europe. There are two main acquisitions which have happened. There is Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. These two have increased the presence of OSI Food products in Europe.

OSI Group is committed to seeing that its products benefit more people all over the world. The leadership led by Sheldon Lavin want to see people have access to affordable yet competitive food products.

About OSI Food Solutions: www.forcepoint.com/de/resources/case-study/osi-food-solutions

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