The Influence of Ted Bauman in the Financial Sector

In 2015, Jeff Yastine joined the Banyan Hill Publishing as its editor. He then moved to Total Wealth Insider where he served the company in the same position. In addition, he served in the stock market for over twenty years. His experience as a financial analyst and investor enabled him to be considered for the job. He participated in the financial events worldwide which made him famous.

Jeff Yastine contributes to two influential magazines in Banyan. They include the Winning Investor Daily and the Banyan Hills Sovereign Investor Daily. Through the magazines, investors are able to understand the monetary trends, business, and economic activities. Furthermore, they understand how opportunities come and how to increase business profits. Between 1994 and 2010, the Emmy Awards nominated Jeff Yastine as a correspondent and an anchor of the PBS Nightly Business report. During his profession, he interviewed and learned investment secrets from influential financiers in the society. Many entrepreneurs were helpful to him when he sought advice from them. They included Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Dell. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

When Jeff Yastine reported on growth stocks and the turnarounds in large companies, he was able to identify opportunities where investors would be successful. Sectors like biopharmaceutical, agriculture, retail, and development depended on his expertise for growth. His report helped investors because they were aware of the crisis in the real estate and the unsustainable rise of the 2000 bubble. He covered major national events like the Hurricane Katrina that took place in 2005 and the oil spill that was evident in the Deep-water Horizon in 2005. Other reports involved foreign individuals and the impact they had on the manufacturing industry. Between 1994 and 2003, Jeff Yastine visited Cuba with an aim to report on the role of foreign investors on the national economy. Follow Jeff Yastine on


Apart from the reports that he made, Jeff Yastine was nominated for numerous awards. In 2007, the Business Emmy Award nominated him after he reported on the underfunded system in America. It involved bridges, roads, and the public infrastructure. Moreover, in 2002, alongside other NBR journalists, he won the certified accountants award that involved the New York Society. They presented a special award that covered financial journalism. In addition, the presentation lasted for half an hour. It entailed the bond market in the country where various economic practices were discussed. Finally, he is recognized worldwide and he is ranked position 1158b by the CB.


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