Whitney Wolfe Brings Her Feminist Cool To Social Media In Midst Of Battle With Tinder

Whitney Wolfe has made a big splash when it comes to creating that dating app that seems to be everything that singles hoped for and more. She has expanded in a way that makes the dating app industry for Bumble more than just another dating app that’s on the rise. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe – despite intellectual property wars – has created a platform that is evolving, and other people want to get in on what she is doing.

She has proven herself to be successful even in the midst of the fear that she would be blacklisted by the Match Group. Now she wants to get into networking. Social networking is good because Whitney Wolfe already had the platform. With all the single women that are out there looking at the possibilities that exist for dating there are even more they’re looking at possibilities for networking and finding job contacts.

Whitney Wolfe has proven herself to be reliable when it comes to building business partnerships with sports teams like the L.A. Clippers, and she wants women to be in leadership positions. She comes in at a time where women are taking charge of what is being said about their bodies. They are taking charge of the way that they are treated in the workplace.

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It is through things like the uprising #me-too movement that Whitney Wolfe has noticed that women are stepping up and she wants to help women that aspire to be in the corporate workplace. She also wants to give a voice to those women that have been harassed on dating apps before. This is why she changed the style of her app. Right now she is competing against Tinder, but she feels that there really is no competition because she is doing something different than what Tinder has ever done before.

Whitney Wolfe is giving women the chance to make the first move. This was her first step to creating an app environment that was different then what people were accustomed to. It is a surefire sign that she was going to make everything about her app look different. She has proven herself to be a business leader that sets the pace for social media.

Wolfe has proven that she has created an app that is different than Tinder, and the competition is trying hard to compete with this Bumble phenomenon. Whitney is now the leader of social media coolness.

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